Clint, Don’t Let the Old Man In

We all know the prolific and multifaceted career of the great Clint Eastwood as an actor, producer, director, and even songwriter. Before him he was a lumberjack, bricklayer and military man until in 1954 he poked his head around Hollywood. As you can see, Clint has always liked to be quite busy and, despite being about to turn 90, he is still just as active.

But old Clint, between Old movie also takes time to play his favorite sport, and it was in one of these games that a curious anecdote emerged. In 2017, the filmmaker shared a golf cart with country music singer-songwriter Toby Keith at a charity tournament hosted by Eastwood himself. It was three days where Toby and Clint had time to chat about many things while trying to get the ball into the hole.

In one of those informal conversations, the veteran filmmaker told Toby that the following Monday he would be 88 years old. The singer, as a mere comment, told him if he planned to do something special that day. Clint Eastwood naturally commented to him that he was going to start a new film project (referring to ‘Mula’). Keith, between admiration and curiosity, asked him what his secret was for being still so active, to which the veteran filmmaker replied, like a phrase taken from one of his best scripts, and something that he has very much in mind for a long time. in his personal life: “When I get up every day I don’t let the old man in.”

They had conversations of all kinds, even Clint revealed to his friend the plot of his new movie. The director of ‘Without forgiveness or‘ The bridges of Madison ‘never thought that this revelation would serve to Toby Keith as inspiration to compose a new song as a result of the anecdotal phrase. The singer not only enjoyed pleasant talks with the filmmaker on the golf course, but also began to entertain the idea of ​​him.

After a while, after a tour, Toby Keith took up the theme and composed what he considered a personal challenge. The country singer put his mind to an appropriate song that could be interesting for the new Eastwood film, with the particularity that he did not know if it would seem ideal. To his great surprise, Eastwood didn’t want to change anything. The song was in tune with the movie.

Here is the excellent and beautiful composition that Clint did accept willingly, forming part of the soundtrack of ‘Mula’: Don’t Let the Old Man In.